Saturday, June 28, 2008

Prairie State Art Fair

Last Weekend:

I showed my work at Arlington Park Race Course in Arlington Heights, IL. The weather played fact it was quite lovely. I had fun watching the horses race. Quite different from most shows I'm in this season.
I brought my floor loom and was able to weave quite a bit. The project is a hand painted silk/tencel/rayon shawl in Sea greens and Mediterranean blues....which coordinated nicely with my tongue and teeth after I drank a blue slushy.

This show had an extra requirement....each artist was to create a miniature work that included horse imagery or a horse racing theme. As you might imagine....this was a stretch for me. Certainly, everybody knows that hat wearing is a must for the ladies....Arlington Park knows it...they've got an event they call "Ladies Day" and ladies wearing a hat at the entrance will receive a discount to get in. So, naturally, I created a miniature hat titled: "Ladies Day at Arlington Park". I made a hand-dyed silk fusion fabric that I draped over a little hat form I built. I sculpted the fabric against the form and let it dry. Peeled it off and embellished it with beads. I even made a little stand for it from an acrylic ice cube (just happen to have about a dozen of them on hand) and a glass rod that I melted into a flat button on one end.

Here's a photo of the little bugger. I'm not sure if I'll ever see or hear of it again. Maybe they will bring it out for their next "Ladies Day" !!
Oh..I almost forgot to mention.... I won the 2nd place ribbon during this show.
....for my ArtWear booth
...not the little hat.

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