Monday, August 11, 2008

Yahoo....I won an award in Batavia!

I'm still pinching myself....I can hardly stand it!

I never enter these shows thinking I might capture an award...I mean, sure, I've always thought it would be nice if I won something.....but that's not my main gig.

I always try to put my best foot forward at these things... but I know it's a tough job for a judge to compare what I do with...oh...say a stone sculpture artist....I do you do that?

This award is particularly surprising for me because I was all down on myself leading up to the weekend because I've not had a chance (since the Geneva art fair) to create much of anything fact, I was feeling like this was my lowest mix of items since just after my father passed away. hummm.

Well...I'm really pumped and excited now (as you can imagine)
sorry if I've been a bit too boastful. Mostly I'm in shock (I think) Maybe if I say it outloud enough....I'll be convinced it really happened.

So, yea!!!

Thank you Batavia...see you again next year!

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