Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Spree : Illinois Artisan Program

September 15th & 16th I decided to try an "Art Spree" with the Illinois Artisan Program. Basically it's an indoor artfair that took place on the ground level of the atrium of the Thompson building in Chicago. Thirteen Illinois artisans were present...with the focus on fashion....so, I went there with a smattering of my work. Only a smattering because I've just not had a chance to make very much new work...in fact, the hats I featured were made during the night before (right...I did not sleep Sunday night...I sewed) I decided to try taking the train in and cart my work and props....I guess it's a 3/4 mile walk. I could have made it easier on myself if I didn't bring a bunch of felted rocks with me...but guess what....I sold several of them so my load was a bit lighter on the way home! Here are a few more photos of my table:

I did sell a few hats...took an order for a hat...and got the names of people interested in my work and maybe even some of our classes.

The most notable occurance happened as I was closing down my table the second day. A woman came up and tried on that cute stripy hat in the photo above....it look great on her...but she was on her way somewhere and didn't know we were going to be there...she was not prepared to purchase anything that day. I told her I'd be putting the hat in the Artisan Shop located on the second floor....maybe she could come back another day and buy it. Then she asked me where I was from....when I told her Westmont she exclaimed "no Way!" She introduced herself as our State Representative, Patricia Bellock....her district office is located... literally.... right next door to my studio in Westmont, IL!!! She had always wondered what was in my place...but never was able to get in. Now she will!

26 E Quincy St
Wednesday through Saturday 11 am to 6pm ;-)

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