Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holy Shmoley...I'm a baaaad blogger!

Shame on me for not posting since September! Well, I have had some pretty good excuses...I'll not waste your time with them now.

I wanted to instead....let you know that I did, indeed get that job to make the big glass beads for the door pulls.

Which have been affectionately referred to as:

Tammy's knobs

and when I drove to Evanston to deliver them...the young lady at the door exclaimed

"oh, yes...you're the woman with the blue balls!"

All I could do was nod my head in agreement. sigh.

At any rate...here's a photo of my little darling beads...nestled in purple tissue for the delivery.

The one in the very center is the original. I had to make 18 beads in order to deliver 10 that I felt were most alike. I worked in intervals of 4 (only had 4 mandrels the correct size) which was actually a good thing since each bead took about 45min to make....I was able to shave 15min off my time on the last 3 (one of the early ones took a full hour...ugh!)

This was a great experience for me....I'm sooo much better at making round beads now and I would never have chosen to make a bead from 3 rods of glass.

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