Friday, October 25, 2013

Granville Island BC ~ where they seem to be collecting Artists

The entrance Under the Bridge which was about a 20min walk over from my hotel
This was taken from the bridge as I was walking over.  There was a low ceiling fog on Tuesday.

This half of a row of artist's gallery/studio lofts. It's a requirement upon renting that they are self representing artists and create in the space. Each set of double doors  plus display window is one space.  These are fairly nice sized ground level spaces with vaulted ceiling and transom window. Each artist builds-out to suit. Stairs to a loft space to oversee the gallery space. I found TWO Fiber/Felting Artists in this row.  

A great weaver's studio/shop/gallery.  

These next photos are for Patty:  Glass blower's studio.  A corner space with windows so customers may watch them work.  They also hold 20min paperweight making classes when they are in season...not this day, thought :-(
Adjacent to the studio is a great shared glass gallery.

There was one other weaver...a tapestry weaver busy on her loom.  She's had her space for 20 years and has had various other artists share it.  She, too had corner windows so customers could observe her in her natural habitat ;-P
A very cool find for someone who had no idea where expedia was dropping her in Canada on the way to the Yukon.


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