Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Foot in Vancouver

 I arrived Monday.  Planned only a day and a half to explore....but I didn't sleep the night before so I thought I'd only muster a bite to eat and hit the bed.  It was 3:30 when I set out on foot to figure out the food thing I's 6:30pm!!  I saw water and just felt the need to walk towards it...much like the urge to our own lakefront. 

The "Downtown" feels so much like Chicago.  I'm amazed that I feel so comfortable.  The city is so clean!  The people are so friendly and polite!!!  It also struck me...NO HONKING OF HORNS!!!  So many faces looked so familiar to me!!  I literally felt like any moment someone would say "hey! i know you!"

Too busy taking it all in to stop for photos except for these:  I loved the pink glass building and it reminded me i hand my camera and i should try to use it.  i then went to the water.  When I turned around to head back...I saw the building on the left with the rounded windows and thought how nice it would be to live in that space.  In the process of "heading back" to the hotel...I wanted to follow a different street and quickly saw another water feature and felt compelled to walk towards it.  That's how I stumbled upon the bronze sculptures....yes, it made me chuckle.  

Oh...unlike Chicago...Vancouver is not flat!  Three hours of walking the incline/ thighs are feeling the burn.  Wish I had treadmill trained prior to my trip.

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